Our stand


To become the Number 1 provider of infrastructure solutions worldwide.       




We at Salasar are guided by the company’s Vision to Build a Stronger World. According to us, the foundation of a strong world is built on 4 pillars:


1) Connectivity

By saturating underdeveloped countries around the world with Telecommunication Towers, we are striving towards a connected world where everyone is just a phone call away.


2) Accessibility

Through our power transmission, rural electrification, and feeder segregation projects, we are working to provide rural areas with equal access to electricity at par with urban areas. Providing Electricity in villages means putting them on the map. When people have light in their homes, the choice to irrigate their fields electrically, and access to the world through the internet, it opens up new ways to do business, spurring a boom in productivity. They are accessible to the world and the world to them.


3) Sustainability

Not only is sustainability built into every aspect of our business, we are taking strides to build a more sustainable world through our Solar Power Plant and Smart City Projects by trying to limit our dependence on traditional sources of energy.


4) Resilience

Last but not the least, we are trying to strengthen India’s and the world’s infrastructure by making resilient structures made as per the strictest standards and without the slightest compromise on quality. We believe that our structures are strong enough to bear the weight of the entire world


Core Values

Service: Exceed customer expectations anytime, all the time

Quality: Manufacture products with Zero Defects

Communication: Build open and honest relationships

Impact: Make a difference in the world

Teamwork: Everything is possible if we work together



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