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We offer an impressive portfolio of Smart City Poles designed to look modern and aesthetic. They are 2-in-1 solutions – connected devices that also provide necessary light without taking up extra space. 

Each pole can be equipped with LED lights, CCTVs, Pollution Sensors, WiFi, Distress Buttons, Road Information Display Systems, Motion-detecting Energy Savers, Solar Panels, and other features, depending on the requirements of that particular location. Our poles not only serve as important connected light sources that can be remotely managed but also support technology to improve mobile network performance across the city. They are capable of hosting dual operators along with required RRUs and are covered with smart camouflage having transparent RF with ease of installation. Our poles can be installed with minimal interruption to traffic & pedestrians.

  • Smart Pole with Medium Loading 
  • Smart Pole with Equipment Above Ground 
  • Smart Pole with Equipment Below Ground 
  • Smart Pole Camouflage 
  • Full Pole Camouflage 
  • Smart Pole With Bus Stop 
  • Smart Pole Traffic Light 
  • Smart Pole Dustbin 
  • Smart Pole Planter 
  • Heavy Duty Pole 
  • Feather Pole 
  • ANPR Pole (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)