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At Salasar, we understand that CSR activities are not solutions to society’s deep-rooted problems but simply a way to contribute to it and alleviate some suffering. As an organization, we endeavor to build sustainability into every step so that ours can be a social business- turning profits while making the world a better place to live in with everything we do. This however, is a slow and painful process. Until we get there, we will keep doing more than our bit to build a stronger future for humankind, animals, and plants.

Accessible Toilets with Bio Digesters

People with disabilities (PwDs) in India face difficulties due to marginalization everyday. They lack access to essential services and are restricted in movement due to a lack of accessible and inclusive infrastructure. To help PwDs get access to critical infrastructure, Salasar is partnered with Sangati Foundation for the installing of accessible toilets in densely populated areas of Delhi NCR to ensure ease, hygiene and dignity for PwDs.

Livelihood Initiative and Food distribution with Ammucare Charitable Trust

This Initiative was launched to support people and families of the Leprosy colony (Delhi) who lost their livelihood due to the pandemic. Through the program, 22 people were granted employment by preparing food for homeless people and sick animals. Additionally, the program fed 400 people and hundreds of animals each day.

Distribution of Medical Supplies

Salasar supplied Swami Amardev Hospital – a community hospital in Pataudi with N-95Masks, sanitizers and other medical consumables to ensure the safety of doctors and their team.

Environmental Sustainability

We sponsored the installation of 50KW Solar Panels at Lions Eye Hospital, Ghaziabad. This initiative will lead to an average annual savings of Rs. 4-5 lakhs in electricity bills for the hospital and save 40 tons of Carbon emissions from entering the environment.

Aanchal Nyas

Salasar helped build Anchal Nyas- an orphanage and school in Ghaziabad, working to provide a loving home to children without parents and enabling them to have a bright future. Apart from regular support to the education, we helped install a 6KW solar plant at their

A Better Tomorrow for the Waste Picker Community

Takia Kalan in New Delhi is synonymous with waste pickers living in horrendous conditions and scraping menial livelihoods by segregating waste. Salasar sponsors the education of the kids of the waste picker community, in collaboration with Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group, to enable working and vulnerable children in these communities to phase-out from this hazardous work, enroll and stay in school, and learn about their rights, safety and life-skills to prepare for their lives ahead.

Empowering Women to end Gender based violence

Salasar has sponsored the upkeep of the Counselling Centre of Delhi based organisation Shakti Shalini to help women suffering from Domestic violence by providing them with Mental health services and legal aid.

Construction of Eye Clinic

Salasar has lent financial support to Lions Eye hospital towards building their Retina Eye Clinic which will provide surgery at subsidised rates to the underprivileged.

Eye & Health Checkup Camps

Keeping in mind its undying commitment to work for the betterment of society, in September 2019, Salasar started conducting Eye and Health Checkup Camps in far-flung villages not serviced by quality healthcare professionals. The camps target villagers, especially women, children and the elderly who do not have sufficient means to sustain a healthy life – which, in Salasar’s purview, is the most basic human right.

The camps are organized in collaboration with Delhi-based NGO Mahavir International, assuring quality healthcare to people lacking it. The main focus of the camps is to prevent and cure health issues related to women, children along with pregnancy malnutrition, and cataract in the elderly.